Health Tips For Cancer Prevention

June 10th, 2011 : Category: Cancer

Cancer strikes fear into the hearts of many people. The disease is so widely spread that everyone of us knows some one or the other who has been suffering of cancer or else who died of cancer. The most important ones are lung, prostate and colorectal. Following are some of the steps which you can follow and avoid cancer,

  1. Be as lean as possible: This does not mean you need to be underweight. Men should have a waist measurement of not larger than 37 inches and women’s waist not larger than 31.5 inches.

  2. Go for active sessions atleast 30 minutes every day: This activity session will bring your body in shape and also build up the work out capacity.

  3. Avoid sugary drinks and consumption of dense energy foods: These foods don’t cause cancer but they add up to the extra calories.

  4. Eat vegetables, fruits,whole grains and legumes: Add green leafy vegetables and fruits to your daily meals.

  5. Limit your alcohol intake.

  6. Avoid eating meat every now and then.

  7. Limit the consumption of salty foods.

  8. Mothers should breast feed their baby atleast till 6 months.

  9. After the treatment of cancer, follow the recommendations of the doctors to prevent getting cancer again.

  10. Prevention of cancer is possible. You just need to move towards healthy lifestyle.


What is Cancer?

June 10th, 2011 : Category: Cancer

Damaged DNA(

Damaged DNA(

Cancer, a small word but related to many big diseases and including complexities that are out of reach of the doctors and researchers. Cells are the small units which make up all living things. Normally the body cells grow, divide and die. Some abnormal cells do not follow this procedure instead they go on dividing. Cancer cells usually clump together forming a tumor. These cells can destroy the normal cells and they damage the healthy tissues of the body. Cancer is the common name for a group of more than 100 diseases all related to abnormal growth of cells forming a tumor known as metastasis in medical terms.

Normal body cells grow, divide and die in an ordered manner. Till adulthood a person’s body cells divide quickly and after that stage the cells divide only to replace worn-out or dying cells to repair injuries in the body. Cancer cells are developed due to the damage of DNA present in every cell and which directs all the activities of the cell. Whenever the DNA is damaged, either the cell dies or it is repaired. Totally different is the case with the cancer cells. In these cells it cannot be repaired. Damaged DNA can be passed on to another generations which means cancer is inherited. The reason for damage of DNA may vary from person to person. Some of the reasons are environment, chemicals, viruses, tobacco, smoke, too much sunlight. Cancer, a hazardous disease not necessarily be completely cured in all the cases but can surely be increase the life of the person suffering and all thanks to natural cures. Researches have proved that people in backwoods who use natural medicines have effectively cured cancer and scientist have responded affirmatively to the results.

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How is Diabetes Caused?

June 10th, 2011 : Category: Diabetes

Deal with diabetes (

Deal with diabetes (

Diabetes – a disorder in functioning in using the digested food for growth and energy. The food we eat is broken down into glucose which is the main source of fuel for the body. After digestion, this glucose is passed into the blood stream and is utilized by the cells for growth. Insulin – a hormone produced by pancreas is necessary for the cells to use glucose. While digesting the food in stomach, pancreas releases right amount of insulin which moves glucose from blood to the cells. People with diabetes produce no or less insulin or the cells do not respond rightly to insulin due to which there is over accumulation of glucose in the blood. It is loosed through urine. And this way body looses its main source of energy.

Pre-diabetes : It is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not as high as can be considered as diabetes. People with this condition are prone to get type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. With moderate weight loss and physical activity, one can delay or prevent the disease and return back to normal sugar levels. This is an alarming condition for all those who don’t want to live life without having sugar. Natural medicines have very effectively cured many people of Diabetes.

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