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Guide to natural cures for Depression

Depression is caused by many things. Stress and the demanding nature of life in general is a major factor. Depression can also be the result of toxic overload resulting from overexposure to environmental and man-made chemicals, processed food additives, prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Natural Cure:
Sleep more and drink more water. Many people find that, by sleeping eight hours and drinking eight glasses of water a day, their depression is alleviated.

Break the cycle: Sometimes taking a medication or an herb or even using aromatherapy can provide a catalyst to a lasting solution.

Do a health fast or detoxification program: Physical detoxification often goes hand-in-hand with an emotional detoxification as a person undergoing a cleansing program will often emerge better able to deal with depression.

Exercise is one of the most popular anti-depressants on the market. 

Evaluate your environment. If your depression is effected by allergies, lack of sunlight, or other environmental factors, you need to work on eliminating these problems.

Evaluate your diet: Whatever sources you use for your cure, be sure to take any herbs or supplements for at least six weeks before deciding that they are not "working."

Work on the spiritual aspect of your depression. Just as with vitamins and herbs, spiritual cures may take time to heal. Many scholars have given tips on how to deal with depression and guidelines on how we can renew our spiritual life.

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