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Guide to Internal Natural cures for Diabetes

Diabetes is when the body’s insulin is either not being made or not being used properly. Diabetics can obtain a natural cure simply by adapting to a raw foods diet or adhering to a vegetarian diet.

Types of diabetes
There are two types of diabetes and they are easily named. Type I Diabetes, and type II. Type I is usually found in children and young adults. Insulin is not being made in patients with type I. Type II is the most common.

The body doesn’t make the insulin needed or is unable to use it in type II diabetics.

Natural Cures
The safe, natural way to treat diabetes is through diet. First, talk to your doctor/ nutritionist about what types of things are good to eat and which ones you should stay away from. Regular exercises like walking, climbing stairs, swimming, gardening also burn fats, the more we move, the more fat we burn. The less fat our body has, the healthier we are. There are natural supplements that can also be taken to help with diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions. Chromium is one that has shown positive benefits. It has been shown to prevent the onset of Type II or even reverse it. Bitter melon has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. Others that may help are Java Plum, Noni, and Bitterwood. Java Plum may help to level out the insulin. Noni will help restore energy, while Bitterwood will help to stimulate the liver. Reflexology and yoga can be used to reduce stress.
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