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Guide to natural cures for Ear infections

Ear infections:
Ear infections are really inflammations of the middle ear or otitis media. They are more common in children because the eustachian tube, which normally adjusts the pressure in the middle ear and drains the fluid from it, is affected. In children this tube is much shorter than in adults and more likely to get clogged. The most common predisposing cause for a blocked tube is food allergy.

Natural Cures:
You can raise the head of the bed or crib to help the tubes drain naturally. It's helpful to drink some fluids as the very action of swallowing helps the tubes to open and drain and fluids will help fight an infection. It's also helpful to use a vaporizer in the room at night. This will help to keep the air moist and encourage the thinning of fluids in the ear. A warm, moist compress can relieve pain and can stimulate circulation to the area to fight infection. There is an herb called echinacea that can be helpful in fighting ear infections. Children can drink a glass of water containing a dropperful three times daily. This is safe for children over twelve months of age.

There is a natural supplement called N-acetylcysteine, which is derived from an amino acid, has been shown to be helpful in keeping mucus fluid and thus helping the ears to drain, it should be taken only during the acute stage of an infection.

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