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Guide to natural cures for Eczema

There are several different types of eczema rashes: child eczema, hand eczema, scalp eczema, baby eczema, and adult eczema. Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a painful itching disease of the skin. The sores can be dry or wet and eczema is not contagious.

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1) Avoid products with perfume Find products without fragrance. The chemicals in the fragrance are highly irritating to the skin.

2) Get a Filter for your Shower Shower with non-chlorinated water. Chlorine is a serious irritant to the skin.

3) Maintain an Acid pH on the surface of your skin If you can maintain a mild acid pH (“low pH”) on your skin, you will have an unfriendly environment for bacteria to live, which indirectly will help to eliminate the eczema condition.

4) Limit Sugar Intake The bacteria that create the infection of eczema thrive on sugar. Reduce your sugar intake, and you reduce the infection.

5) Get an Air Filter Hepa-type filters can reduce the dust and other irritants in the air that aggravate eczema.

6) Wash Bedding Often Dust mites live in our beds, and these have been shown to be irritating to eczema.

7) Use Perfume-Free Detergent Try to find a detergent that is “free” of perfumes and dyes.

8) Wear Natural Fabrics Cotton and linen clothing and bedding are best.

9) Use Moisturizers Moisturizers create a protective layer on surface of the skin to trap water and protect against pollutants.

10) Practice Stress Reduction. Find ways to relax. Take time out each day to do something restful.
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