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Guide to Natural eye care remedies

The human beings are blessed with five sensory organs and eyes are one among them. Listed below are some home made natural remedies for eye care.

- Cucumber has great cooling effects. Cut end of cucumber into a slice and apply cooler side into your eyes for 5 minutes. Repeat if required. This will give fast relief for your irritated eyes.

- Mix one part of rose water and one part of lime juice. Store in a bottle and use it as an eye drop.

This is very useful home remedy for eye care.

- Intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision. Take B-complex and cod liver oil to increase eyesight. Eating spinach will help in preventing various eye problems as it contains carotenoid.

- Wash your eyes several times a day with cold water. This will reduce inflammation, moisturizes skin and gives fast relief from fatigue and eyestrain.

- Add a drop of Lavender oil to 2.5 cups of water and shake them well. Dip cotton pad in the solution and place it on eyes. Remember to remove excess solution from the wet cotton pad.

- Place ice packs on block eyes. Ice helps in keeping the swelling down by constricting the blood vessels and also helps in decreasing internal bleeding.

- The consumption of good amount of vitamin C lowers the chances of developing cataracts. Morpheme Amalaki Supplements offers Natural Vitamin C for eye care.
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