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Guide to natural cures for Gouts

Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis. Gout is characterized by joint inflammation accompanied by terrible pain and sometimes red, shiny skin covering the joint. An attack of gout appears suddenly, often overnight and most often affects the feet and ankles, with the most common area being the ball of the large toe.

Natural Cure:
One natural gout cure is using the power of cherries. People have been reporting the beneficial effects of cherries and cherry juice as a natural gout cure.

A leek poultice can also be applied as a natural gout cure. There have been numerous instances of its effectiveness.

Another natural gout cure is charcoal poultice. Then add enough warm water to create a paste. Put paste on affected joint and cover with cloth or plastic. The dressing should be changed every four hours or it may be left on over night.

A charcoal bath can also be used as a natural gout cure. Place affected foot into the basin and add water until the foot is covered for thirty to sixty minutes.
You can also use charcoal taken by mouth as a natural gout cure. This works by reducing uric acid in the blood.

Purines consumed in the diet account for about 50% of the uric acid produced in the body. Therefore, a low purine or modified purine diet may help gout improve.

Another natural gout cure is making sure that you drink plenty of water. Gout sufferers should also avoid alcohol because it increases uric acid production and inhibits its secretion.
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