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Guide to natural cures for head lice

Head Lice:
Lice infestation, also known as pediculosis is a common human problem. Head to head contact is the primary way of transmitting head lice. However, they are also transmitted through indirect contact like sharing pillows, hat, carpet and so on. Head lice are found behind the ears and near the neck. They may cause itching, crusting, and redness on scalp. Sometimes head lice do not show any symptoms. Repeated scratching of lice bites may cause skin infections.

These infections may lead to swollen nodes resulting into lumps on the neck and behind the ears.

Natural Cures:
For head lice problem wash your hair with vinegar. It will kill all the nits in two days. Apply coconut oil to your head after shampoo and condition. Add ten to fifteen drops of tea tree oil into shampoo bottle and use it daily. Rub listerine mouth wash on your head. This will kill all the lice. Massage your head with mayonnaise and comb it after 2 hours. This will kill all the lice and their eggs. Apply a mixture of lemon and butter on your head, wait for 15 seconds and then rinse your head.
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