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Indigestion and Gas

Indigestion refers to gastrointestinal complaints that include gas and heartburn. Often acid reflux is related to the condition that directly aggravates the problem. In case of gas it might make reflux conditions much worse or may even cause it. Indigestion is a natural part of acid reflux and all of it together can make you feel very uncomfortable.

When food sits in the stomach for too long, it begins to break down but does not necessarily move through the digestion tract quickly enough. That creates gas in the stomach and can put undue pressure on the muscle between your stomach and your esophagus that is meant to stay closed to prevent reflux.
As you age, you produce lower amounts of stomach acid that may be the root of gas and indigestion problems. The most common symptoms of gas are flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, and belching. However, not everyone experiences these symptoms. Some people have pain when gas is present in the intestine.

The type and degree of symptoms depends on how much gas the body produces, how many fatty acids the body absorbs, and a person's sensitivity to gas in the large intestine. Natural cures for indigestion and gas include:
  • Ajwain or Caraway seeds are a herbal "wonder drug", with a reputation for preventing gas. Water distilled from the seeds in an excellent carminative that cures flatulence, indigestion & low appetite.
  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a natural and effective herb that helps in curing many diseases like indigestion, heartburn and hyperacidity.
  • Ginger juice mixed with lime and honey is a traditionally used cure for treating dyspepsia.
  • A few pieces of cloves taken directly are excellent in treating acidity and irritability in the stomach.
  • Fennel seeds have been found to be effective in the treatment of atonic dyspepsia, and to treat digestive and acidity complaints. s 
Indigestion and Gas Natural Cure Products Reviews

Maalox Regular Anti-Gas Liquid
Antacid Anti-Gas Liquid Cooling Mint - Maalox
  • Cooling mint flavor
  • Brand name quality
  • Classic formula
Catnip & Fennel 8 oz.
Indigestion and Bloating in Digestive System of Infants - Catnip & Fennel 8 oz.
  • Child safe formula
  • Alcohol and sugar free
  • No corn, wheat, sugar
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