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Natural Cures for Integumentary System Disorders

The integumentary system consists of the skin, hair, scales, sweat and oil glands integrated with specialized nerve receptors for any external or internal stimuli like touch, cold, heat, pain, etc. Its primary function is to prevent disease causing microorganisms into its internal structures, regulate body temperature and perspiration, protection against harmful UV rays, and the production of the all important vitamin D.

The integumentary system covers the body skin including hair and nails as well as other functionally important structures supporting this organ. The skin provides containment, structure, and protection for other organs, but it also serves as a major sensory interface with the outside world. Disorders with this system would deal with dermatology, cell physiology and skin physiology.
Integumentary system disorders are treated as per the particular condition and its symptoms. Being the largest organ, the skin can become infected with quite a number of problems. Integumentary system disorders can get triggered due to many environmental or internal bodily functions and malfunctions. There are a great many natural cure remedies to deal with commonly occurring disorders of the skin, hair and extremities. 

There are many naturalremedies out there, but you have to get to know the specific ailment and then deal with it. Common cosmetic complaints are best attended to by natural cures that will have a beneficial impact in the long run. Many disorders like acne, fungus, bad breath or eczema can be successfully cured by patience and natural remedies.

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