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Rhinitis affects the nose making it inflamed. The main symptom of rhinitis is a runny nose and reaction occurs in the eyes, nose and throat when airborne allergens trigger the release of histamine. Histamine causes inflammation and fluid production in the fragile linings of nasal passages, sinuses, and eyelids.

Diagnosis will evince dark circles under the eyes, creases under the eyes, swollen tissue inside the nose, and mouth breathing. Avoiding the allergens causing the problem is the best treatment. Specific treatment will be determined by extent of the reaction and tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies.
There are some natural remedies that can put an end to the misery of rhinitis. Natural cures are often favored because they are not habit-forming and generally do not have side effects associated with conventional drug medications. Natural rhinitis remedies are useful for treating children as well as adults.

A nasal wash or irrigation can be particularly helpful in reducing the amount of mucus in the nasal passages. Saline solution is used to irrigate the nose. The methods involve saline solution being inhaled into the nose, one nostril at a time with a syringe or nasal irrigation device to insert the saline into the nose. Therapies include:

Acupuncture – that has positive effects on allergic rhinitis symptoms. A qualified acupuncturist can treat congestion and excess mucus associated with chronic rhinitis.

Water - Drink plenty of water every day. Water helps the body flush out germs and bacteria so it acts as a natural body cleanser. Water also keeps the mucus thin and more able to be flushed away. Cut back on the intake of mucus producing foods such as dairy products and processed foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables high in nutrients and vitamins.

Herbal Cures - There are a number of herbal cures that are effective in treating rhinitis. Taken as a tea, a tincture or in capsule form, these herbs help treat and prevent rhinitis. You should be able to find these herbal remedies at your local health food store.

Grapeseed extract - is also known as natural anti-histamine. It inhibits the release of histamine in the body. For allergy sufferers, grape seed extract provides relief from a various allergic reactions, including rhinitis caused by irritants.

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