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Guide to natural cures for Ringworm

Ringworm (tinea corpora):
Ringworm is caused by a microscopic fungus, not a worm. The infected area spreads out slowly from its central starting point and creates a slightly raised, intensely red ring surrounding a less red, flaky, itchy area. Over weeks, the ring slowly enlarges. It can occur anywhere on the body and in multiple sites at once, so it’s often confused with other kinds of dermatitis.

Natural Cures:

Papaya: Slices of raw papaya should be rubbed on the ringworm patches. A paste made from dried

papaya seeds can also be applied beneficially on these ringworm patches

Mustard Seeds: A paste should be prepared from mustard seeds and applied externally over the ringworm patches after thoroughly washing the skin with sufficient hot water

Butea Seeds: Butea seeds should be ground to a paste and mixed with a little lime juice. This paste should be applied externally over the skin affected by ringworm

Cassia Leaves: The juice of these leaves or a paste made from them can be applied to ringworm patches with gratifying results

Holy Basil: The juice of these leaves should be extracted and applied over ringworm patches

Turmeric: The juice of raw turmeric should be applied externally to the parts of the skin affected by ringworm. Simultaneously, one teaspoon of turmeric juice mixed with an equal quantity of honey should be taken orally

Raw Vegetable Juices: Raw vegetable juices, especially carrot juice in combination with spinach juice, have proved beneficial in the treatment of ringworm.

Ringworm Natural Cure Products Reviews

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RingwormKiller Ringworm Treatment
Ringworm Treatment with RingwormKiller
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